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Hello guys, welcome to GearsOfWar5.com blog (premium domain). Here on this blog you will get to know all kinds of  all news, leaks, rumors and update on new game Gears Of War 5. We will also share release date, trailer, features and lots more of the game.

Gears Of War 5 Logo:

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Who Should Read Gears Of War 5 Blog:

Anybody interested in knowing whats going on with the new game in the Gears Of War series. Also this blog is for those Gears Of War fans who wants to share wishlist and pre-release discussion on the game.

Why You Should Read Gears Of War 5:

Below are few reason why Gears Of War series fan needs to keep visiting the site again and again:

  1. The information updated on the site will only be related to GOW5. Nothing else.
  2. We will try out best to provide the best and most elaborate content on Gears Of War 5.
  3. Here you join discussion via comments and share your view.
  4. In future we will also have forum to discuss the new game

Is Gears Of War 5 Official Site:

NO. Its a fan site dedicated and neither affiliated nor associated with Microsoft Studios. The site will be regularly updated with Gears Of War 5 features wishlist, trailer and more.

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