Gears Of War 5 Features Wishlist

The Epic Games has been developing this amazing Game series Gears of war since a long time and every time they came with a new upgrade it was so much loved and appreciated by the audience. The epic Games, though surprised their audience with the news of selling the Franchise to The Microsoft, that too undoubtedly would do miracles for the Game. But for the ones who recently switched from XBOX to Play Station 4, this could be real shock.

Now talking about the Gears of War 3 model, it was an awesome game in itself, people loved it and so did I. it was the best game from last console’s generation and so will be Gears Of War 4. Yet , fans do expect much more from the Gears Of War 5 Game. We have seen that wish list going longer since the time people came to know about the latest module being developed. So, let us just have a check on the suggestions fans are making regarding the new game to come:

Gears Of War 5 Features Wishlist

Gears Of War 5 Features Wishlist:

1. The Judgment came up with a very fascinating “score attack” mode. Here we saw the Gameplay real shine in larger sandbox areas but then make it a little less compartmentalized and open the game for real exploring and get chance to score the screen in every two minutes with survival the biggest reward in itself. And, for the ending I would say keeps the ride going on with Michael Barrick in the expansion ending the game.

2. Let the Gears of War Judgment mode be defined by Horde Mode and Beast Mode in the multiplayer. Apart from pick and chose add some more variety options to the mix and since now the developers are working with Microsoft they would see abundant opportunities to add content to the multiplayer. Villains are the most favorite part of the story so apart from general RAAM,

3. I would like to see some fresh and thrilling protagonist in the plot to make it more fun for the fans.
Get over The Prequels, though we totally agree they are fun but with Gears of War new Saga beginning we can get over the Pendulum Wars in the past and sojourn this tradition of Flashbacks. And a very much needed change is to bring that typewriter front to a rest and it is high time to hire actual writers for not everyone is so dumb to not understand that.

4. Wall bouncing has come up as one of the most important and favorite element of the audience. Allow wall bouncing as one of the core element of game play and give players chances of Advance fighting. Also, introduce Gear 3 smasher and control scheme in the Game play and take of that grenade wall tags. Moreover, the Cogs V of the Game play should come up with no hit box since they give stupid advantages to the opponents. Or if they cannot completely get rid of it then the hit boxes should be even sized to comply with the required Game play.

5. Introduce different Horde Mode Like 1.0, 2.0 and so and also introduce the survival mode to make the weapons balanced and give the Multiplayer a more realistic approach. The long going plot of the story should also be changed somewhat, a new intriguing trilogy can be introduced where Marcos’s son as the major character would be seen threatening their mutated counterparts. To add more to this there should be a theatre mode through which we can share our Gameplay experience with our friends.

6. What if the Boom shield that has been provided to us for our protection not be completely indestructible that ruins all the excitement on the part of the opponents rather I would say there can be a provision for 4 weapons at once not just two be it like one pistol and rest grenade,. Even the Maps for our guidance should be unsymmetrical to let us face the challenges and make the game more exciting and fun.

7. The developers really need to work on the theme of the Game play. Prior to the change it used to be very dark and gloomy and now when designers put their heads into it, it has become very colorful. The graphics rather need to be beautiful with working of smooth mechanics and a straightforward multiplayer experience.

Well here ends my list. I hope this is somehow is brought to the notice of developers and they at least consider these suggestions for once.

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